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Creativity spills into all aspects of our lives and at Creative Changes we have split these into three categories to make it easy- home, garden and artwork.

Homes and gardens logically go together but artwork might be thought of as a separate element. However, we wish to encourage people to see that art , in whatever form, can often be included and integrated with the other two categories in imaginative ways.

Creative Changes is the logical starting point before you invest time and money in planning your home and garden changes.

Home Solutions

Whilst some people enjoy making descisions regarding choosing colours materials and styles for their home, many find that it becomes a bewildering experience and it quickly becomes a chore. Without a strong artistic or creative background...

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Garden Style

Everyone has a different use for their garden depending on their life style. You may be someone who would love a beautiful garden but do not have the time, budget or knowledge to achieve this. The emphasis on your...

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Art Work

Pictures are important to us, capturing a moment in time which keeps our memories special. Over the years in my work I have seen so many pictures that could be improved on. It may be the colour, brightness, focus, detail, dust spots marks and so forth...

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